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  • HR Consulting Services

    SN Consultant is one of the top reputed HR consulting firms, catering to the staffing needs of corporate firms and multinationals. An active and efficient Human Resource department is an important factor for organizational success. We offer Recruitment consultancy services in multiple capacities to ensure resourceful operation of the Human Resource department.

    HR Consulting Services Offered

    1. Strategic HR Planning & Improvement: aligning HR personnel with the strategic goals of the organisation.
    2. Attrition Management: controlling manpower turnover to reduce selection, recruitment and training costs.
    3. Succession Planning: identifying or hiring staff to fulfill leadership position.
    4. Human Resource Forecasting & Planning: analyzing and forecasting manpower needs of the organisation.
    5. Performance Evaluation: evaluate, analyze and improve the performance of HR department.
    6. Executive Training: training and coaching HR executives for better functioning.
    Other consulting features include assistance with tax credit processing, time and attendance coordination, employee benefits and payroll administration.

    Benefits of HR Consulting Services

    The HR consulting services offered by Sn Consultant caters multiple requirements. Our services help the organisation to develop a strategic human resource plan for both long-term and short-term goals. If the organisation infrastructure is at its nascent stage, our team assists in the development of a fully functional HR department, offering support with manpower availability in the interim and help with the creation of leadership programs and succession planning.

  • Staff Augmentation Services

    Staff augmentation services are outsourced initiatives wherein a company chooses to ‘augment’ or ‘improve’ their current workforce by hiring additional staff, which is usually done project-by-project basis, fulfilling a lack of certain skill sets within the in-house permanent staff. IT staff augmentation is immensely in vogue due to an abundance of resources within IT.

    Cost Effective Staff Augmentation Services

    SN Consultant offers cost effective staff augmentation services. We analyze the company needs and decide mutually over the nature of skill sets needed to accomplish a new project or an existing project. We shortlist staff from our database and seamlessly acquaint them with the company project team and goals.

    We offer staff augmentation services over multiple verticals. For instance, if the company needs IT staff augmentation, we offer services or skill sets like systems analysis, web development, business analysis, mainframe programming, software engineering and development, network engineering and administration, project management, technical writing, technical support, database design, database development and database administration.

    Benefits of Diligent Staff Augmentation Services

    First and foremost, it gives companies access to highly specialized skill sets. SN Consultant offers employers’ exceptionally skilled staff, bringing full force of their expertise to the company. Staff augmentation services helps to reduce business expenses by reducing overhead costs spent in maintaining a full-time staff, decreasing training costs incurred in coaching new employees and offers flexible contract terms.

  • Leadership Hiring Services

    A specialized search and selection arm of Sn Consultant recruitment services, leadership hiring places people with strong leading and innovative skills within a business, with the intention to reach designated goals of the organization. A strong leader is an essential human component within any business. A leader is innovative and adds value to the business with out-of-the-box thinking. Within an organization, leaders occupy the top executive positions.

    1. Organization Understanding: We strive to understand the structure, goals and intentions, and future plans of the organization.
    2. Target Search: After mapping the incumbent competencies needed, we begin the search for the right executive. A custom search strategy is established and initiated.
    3. Identifying People: The team identifies potential top executives and we move towards creating a list of people. This list is shown to the client and only after approval, we move towards initiating contact with them.
    4. Evaluation: An initial reference checked is carried out and the shortlisted candidates are pursued, apprising them of the available opportunity and understanding their level of interest.
    5. Interview: Candidates finalized in the previous stage are called for the interview. Further background checks are conducted and pre-joining concerns are addressed.

    Why Choose Us for Top Executive Search Services?

    Sn Consultant maintains its position as one of the top executive search firms. Our team works across various organizational verticals, identifying and acquiring talent, following high end processes for critical assignments.

    The team at Sn Consultant has years of experience in inducting top executives for strategic roles. With professional competency and proven track record, they understand the complex and varied requirements of the company and offers leadership hiring solutions. Digital International interacts with professionals across varied industrial verticals, giving our clients access to years of domain expertise, giving us an edge towards leadership hiring.

  • IT Staffing Services

    In recent times, it is a challenge for businesses to stay ahead in a competitive market. A sound IT infrastructure helps in the process. The IT staffing services provided by Sn Consultant offers contracted IT staffing augmentation resources to companies on an hourly or monthly basis.

    IT Recruitment Services

    1. Direct Placements: Placement of professionals on contractual basis for long-term projects.
    2. Contract Staffing: Offering temporary IT support.
    3. Training and Education: Offering customized IT training and business education to improve a team’s performance.
    4. Project-Based Staffing: Placing skilled professionals, either a team or an independent professional, solely on project-by-project basis.
    5. Managed IT Services: Offering infrastructural help by managing IT workflows and optimum resource utilization.

    IT Positions we Recruit

    We offer IT staffing solutions in multiple capabilities. We recruit for positions such as Systems Analyst, Programmer, Database Administrators (DBA), System Administrator, IT Manager, IT Developer, Systems Administrator, Reporting Analyst, Technician, Help Desk Analyst, Applications Engineer, Security Specialist, Programmer Analyst and more.

  • Contract Staffing Services

    Contract staffing has emerged as a preferred option for both clients and candidates. In this, manpower is hired on a contractual basis, ideally for 3 to 24 months. To maximise and cater to the growing need, Diligent International offers contract staffing services to corporates and multinationals. We have a dedicated outreach team to scout for the best talent and add them to our database. Once we receive requirements from the client, the Diligent International contract staffing team searches for and provides the best talent match.

    Short Term Solutions for Long term Goals

    cross all industries, work hour flexibility and preference towards multiple earning sources is fueling the trend of contract staffing. In many ways, adopting contract staffing services is beneficial for the company in the long run.

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